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Sulfate Resistant Portland Cement (SRPC), also named Sulfate Resistant Cement (SRC), is one of hydraulic binding materials, can resistance to sulfate ion attack.

Type :  High Sulfate Resistant Cement (P·HSR) and Moderate Sulfate Resistant Cement (P·MSR).

Application :

  • To make concrete of sulfate resistance, marine concrete, maritime works;
  • To make cement boards, precast cement products, cement pipes, precast concrete pile, shop fabricated members;
  • Sea water attack resistance projects, for example sea wall, dam, mariculture project, sea water desalination project, oceanarium, etc;
  • Chemical resistant engineering concrete;
  • To make sulfate resistant concrete engineering of harbor, water conservancy, underground, tunnel, drainage pipe, diversion works, road and bridge foundation, etc.


Packaging Size 50 kg
Grade 32.5, 42.5
Features Fire Resistant, Rapid Hardening, Water Proof
Usage Construction
Color Grey

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Payment Terms T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, Other
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Technical data

Specifications GB175-2007 Requirement Typical Ex-Plant
Test Result
Chemical Analysis
MgO (%)       ≤6 (NB) 5.7
SO3 (%)                    ≤4 1.9
Chloride (%)   ≤0.06 0.02
Physical Properties
Soundness OK OK
Initial Setting Time (min) ≥45 207
Final Setting Time (min)  ≤600 297
Compressive Strength
3 Days (Mpa)
≥15 24.7
Compressive Strength
28 Days (Mpa)
  ≥42.5 61
Flexural strength
3 Days (Mpa)
≥3.5 5.8

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